Alcohol Abuse and Dependency Birmingham has successfully treated clients to remove their addiction and dependency to alcohol, in the comfort of our therapy rooms in Edgbaston, Birmingham.

Realising you have a problem with alcohol is the first big step to getting help.

You may need help if:

  • You often feel the need to have a drink
  • You get into trouble because of your drinking
  • Other people warn you about how much you’re drinking
  • You think your drinking is causing you problems

Sometimes in life, alcohol can gain a bit too much control over us.

  • Where did it begin….?
  • An extra glass of wine before dinner….?
  • A bottle after….?
  • A few beers with friends after work..? Every day…?

Alcohol Abuse and Dependency Birmingham will help you understand why alcohol has become a problem and identify the route causes. We do more than examine and treat a client’s symptoms; we work to understand and confront the root of addiction in each of our clients. This means that anyone who receives treatment for alcohol addiction leaves with the tools that they need to recover.

We will help you re-examine your lifestyle, lead to better coping strategies and allow you to create a different attitude towards alcohol.

For whatever reasons you drink alcohol, we will empower you to release that urge, craving or need, so that you can change your habits and behaviours.

YOU will regain CONTROL of your drinking and alcohol / binge consumption and reduce the intense hold it has over you.

You can FREE yourself from the destructive habits and behaviours of Alcohol – CALL NOW

Stuart – 0121 403 3163 / 07825 599340 for a free 30 minute confidential consultation

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